Frederic Belhassen, Digital and Innovation Strategist. Consultant to global companies and brands, Specialist and International speaker on innovation, change, digital, consumer behavior, trends and transformation of business and consumers in the digital age.

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It's a new world that we are living in. Values, habits, ideas and new concepts have changed the way our world is running. We have never experienced such cultural changes that happened so fast as in the past decades. This talk will take you on a thought-provoking journey about change and innovative thinking, combining different disciplines such as Innovation, Consumer Behavior, Psychology, Trends, Behavioral economics, Digital, and Creative. A lecture regarding the present and future generations, behavioral changes and their impact on employees and consumers. Are you ready for those changes? Are you willing to rethink about the way you act for so long? If not, your competitors will. You are invited to check the level of your readiness with this upbeat presentation about innovation, people, and change

The Extra Mile

Redefining Service

We are no longer excited about good service, even if it is excellent, we are excited of the extra mile. The next level that defies the existing and disrupts everything we have known about service. The service design process of today and tomorrow is challenging and require a different thinking to keep up with the competitive pace. Customers are more demanding than ever; technology has enabled the entrance of new players that shift paradigms and adopt more relevant approaches that if practiced, can not be reversed. The "Extra Mile" talk presents salient service approaches which are signaling that they are here to stay. Those methods can be integrated into your current service or reshape it. The talk reveals inspirational examples of brands and companies that took the service a step further, created innovative and creative processes, challenged the existing ones and took a step further. From good to excellent and from excellent to the Extra Mile.



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